6 Reasons to Use Name Badges


6 Reasons to Use Name Badges

The Many Benefits of Company Name Badges

The benefits of identifying employees by using name badges are many and significant. The advantages range from better marketing to tighter security to a more positive and effective customer service culture. Here are some of the best reasons why your productivity and business culture can be enhanced by the use of company name badges.

Stronger Corporate Identification Corporate branding requires getting your business logo as widely spread as possible. Name badges are an easy way to get your logo out there. Inevitably, employees go places elsewhere than the office, if only to get there and back. Often employees wear their name tags as they do so. This means your business logo ends up being seen in a lot of places where it would otherwise never go. Best of all, this employee generated advertising at no extra cost to the business itself.

Better Communication Studies have shown that communication is enhanced between people if they know each others name. This is especially true in large companies where employees may have to interact on a regular basis with fellow employees they have never met before. Name tags instantly break down that barrier, especially for new employees who are meeting a lot of new people all at once and may have trouble remembering everyone’s name. Remember, better communication always translates into better performance.

Better Security In a large work area, it is sometimes hard to ensure that everyone is in the section they’re supposed to be. Name badges make it much easier to keep track of where people are and where they are supposed to be. This knowledge is essential for companies who wish to prevent espionage by competitors, reduce internal and external theft or to minimize safety hazards.

Better Customer Relations Customers sometimes like to ask questions, give praise¬†or file complaints. However, they may be intimidated by the fact that they don’t know anyone who works at the company. Name tags make employees easier to approach, allowing your business to seem friendlier and more transparent. It also helps customers who already know who they want to talk to but not what they look like to approach that person based on their name badge.

Better Accountability Nothing is more frustrating than to hear a customer complain about bad service or rude treatment but then not be able to identify who is responsible. Customers who can see the name of the employee displayed on their badge are able to offer much more useful criticism than if they don’t know who they were dealing with. That knowledge allows both them and you to resolve the matter faster and more effectively.

Badges Work Whether you are trying to build your corporate identity, enhance communication, improve security, grow your relationships with your customers or create better employee accountability, name tags are a proven way to enhance all these things. That is why in recent years name badges have become an ever more common part of corporate culture for businesses both large and small.