American Manufacturing The Heart of the Economy


American Manufacturing The Heart of the Economy


American manufacturing is one of the most important sectors in the economy of the United States. At Thistle Inc all of the products are proudly manufactured in the USA.  There are over 17 million manufacturing workers in the United States today. This represents a large percentage of the American work force. There are many benefits to both the United States and its citizens when manufacturing jobs stay in U.S.  Thistle Inc. provides manufacturing jobs right in Owensville, MO by making high quality product display, badge holders and adhesive sleeves.  Let’s take a look at how we all benefit from U.S. manufacturing jobs.
Benefits to American Workers

There are currently over 17 million American manufacturing jobs today. Despite the fact that many companies have out sourced their manufacturing in an attempt to cut short term costs, the manufacturing sector of the United States economy is still vital to the overall health of the nation. For every manufacturing job that is created in America, there are on average 5-8 other jobs in the economy created. American and Thistle Inc. workers take pride in their work which drives great service, innovation, and commitment to high quality products. Although it may cost less per hour for overseas workers when factoring in productivity shipping and quality control, American Made products are often less expensive. American workers remain more productive than most other foreign workers.  Their ability to adapt to new techniques and technology makes them highly competitive when you look at net productivity.  Thistle Inc. remains committed to American Manufacturing jobs. Companies should think about all facets of their business before deciding to cut out the American manufacturing worker. With hundreds of products that get manufactured at Thistle, the amount of jobs or careers that are the result, contribute to the economy’s the company’s success.

American Products

High quality products are a benefit to everyone but also consider that with every manufacturing job there is an impact on the environment.  Thistle Inc. is leader in using Bio Degradable PVC products in their manufacturing.  All, American manufacturers have to abide by strict guidelines set up by the United States government, the Environmental Protection Agency and Local Governments. Many foreign companies in other nations do not have to abide by these same sets of rules. All of Thistle’s products meet or exceed these guidelines and rules. These regulations are designed to protect the environment and protect the overall health of the population. Finally, when American made products are purchased, this creates a cycle of distributing the dollars among just Americans. Keeping consumer spending around American made products is vital to the overall health of the economy of the United States. The more money that is spent on American made products, the more manufacturing jobs are created and the better the United States economy performs. In the long run, the health of the economy of the United States is directly correlated to how well the manufacturing segment of the economy is doing.

Manufacturing in the Future

With rapid advances in technology it is hard to predict how the future will look for the American manufacturing industry. The American worker will continue to be more productive and continue to strive for quality above all else. There are many benefits to keeping jobs in the United States and manufacturing is a great example of that. Thistle Inc is happy to contribute to the health of the American economy.