At Thistle Inc. Quality Is Our #1 Priority


At Thistle Inc. Quality Is Our #1 Priority

At Thistle Inc., we are proud of the quality approach we bring to every aspect of our business. Although the biodegradable, recyclable products we make with EVA films and polyolefins instead of PVC-based products are how some customers identify us, our top priority is quality at every level of our business. Our customers can count on our products being well-made and having the features they want.

We emphasize quality all the way. We manufacture under conditions that are safe for workers. We sell our products at competitive prices. Our environmentally friendly products are safe for consumers to use, and they are reliable and packed and shipped efficiently and on time.

Our attention to quality begins when the marketing department researches what customers want. Then our engineering department designs appropriate products, being careful to strike a balance in design that does not overuse or underuse resources. Over-engineering would result in inefficient products and under-engineering would result in low-quality products. The purchasing department further carries forth our mission of quality by ensuring that suppliers give us quality materials for our made-in-America products.

The production department sets the schedule for the manufacturing process.  This allows manufacturing the time and resources they need to produce products we are proud of and that customers order without hesitation, because quality is assured. Our die makers and our maintenance department make and maintain the tools, dies, equipment and gauges used in manufacturing. We manufacture up to 1 million units per day in two shifts. Our products meet the comprehensive definitions of quality as set forth by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the American Society for Quality Control (ASQC).

We customize vinyl and plastic products by printing brand names, taglines and marketing campaigns on them. These products include badge holders, adhesive pouches, retail display sleeves, business card holders, optical accessory and jewelry pouches, report covers, display sleeves for furniture and rugs and job ticket holders. They have many uses in industry and business, particularly for trade and convention shows and in retail.

  • When a product leaves our dock, the quality of that product is a direct reflection on us as a company. Jack/Shipping
  • If I’m not happy with a product, why should my customer be happy with it?  We strive to please our customers. Sue/Plant Manager
  • Quality is an attitude; get it right the first time. Quality is a team effort, we work together to plan a strategy before the product is ever sent into production. Jim/Research & Development
  • Quality is our greatest asset and quality separates us from our worldwide competition. Quality is everyone’s responsibility and it is job # 1.  Ken/Owner of Thistle, Inc.
  • Quality to me is starting at Point A with a customer’s vision.  We follow through many steps and processes to provide that finished product to the customer; delivering the exact product they envisioned. Erin/Office Manager