Continued…10 Tips for Avoiding Promotional Product Waste

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Continued…10 Tips for Avoiding Promotional Product Waste

  1. ENSURE ADEQUATE CONTRAST BETWEEN COLORS: Unreadable printing can be disastrous. Light colors on a bright background makes people squint, and clashing colors make them wince. Choose carefully and get feedback from colleagues as well as wholesale suppliers. No one knows what works better than the professionals who customize items every day.


  1. PROOFREAD ALL ORDERS: Assuming copy is correct, or only glancing at it briefly, can lead to mistakes and costly re-runs. Don’t be the only one to read a proof; share it with others for confirmation. There’s no usually no getting your money back once you’ve approved a proof.


  1. GIVE YOURSELF ENOUGH LEAD TIME: In our super-busy last-minute world, suppliers usually accommodate last minute orders by providing rush service. But even an order that’s been proofed can arrive with unforeseen irregularities. You want to build in enough cushion to provide for corrections. Remember, rush service not only costs more, it creates the risk of receiving an item which can’t be exchanged or replaced in time before your event.


  1. TREAT VIP’s LIKE THEY’RE SPECIAL: Not qualifying recipients is a waste of money. If you can quickly qualify who your most promising leads are, treat them accordingly – especially if you can do so in advance of the event. This goes the same for your most valued customers. Let those approximately 20% of your clients (your VIP’s) know how much you appreciate their business. Tiered giveaway plans allow you the opportunity to show appreciation to repeat customers and cultivate browsers most likely to buy.


10.   FOLLOW UP:  Be sure staff collect adequate contact information from those who visit your booth and always, always, always follow up. Following up is your final and best opportunity to create new relationships, reinforce your value and retain existing customers.  Prepare your communications in advance so you can hit send at the show or immediately after.  Even a friendly, “Nice to meet you and I will contact you when the dust settles after the show” email can make a professional impression on new contacts.  Follow up with every new contact at least five times by phone and or email to be sure to maximize the results of each lead.