Printing Capabilities of a Full Color Digital Press


Printing Capabilities of a Full Color Digital Press

Thistle Inc. has the ability to print digitally on any of our products. Digital printing has grown in popularity and allows us to customize any order. Our Digital printing equipment allows us to print to a variety of different media and substrates straight from a digital image. A digital press is usually used for professional printing, where digital sources are printed using inkjet or laser printers in a high volume and/or large format. Digital presses promote printing with fast recovery times, the ability to get projects done very quickly, and image editing with every impression.  With digital printing there is no need to replace printing plates or screens and the images come straight from a computer file which makes editing a breeze.  This allows us to receive your digital images from Drop Box, Email or other electronic formats and go straight to press.

The technology associated with digital printing is constantly being improved. Digital printing continues to be cost effective and is catching up to offset printings’ ability to make large print runs while minimizing cost. There are not any plates or screens used in the process, since the digital image is directly transferred to the substrate that is being used. This means there are even less parts to replace and maintain in the press.

Thistle is constantly expanding our printing abilities. We have expanded our manufacturing facility and added a new cutting-edge digital press to our facility. This opened up many avenues to expand our printing techniques past the abilities of typical screen printing. Using the digital press is a more cost effective option for small order quantities in our company. With the digital press comes the option to add detailed graphics to our products, anything from landscapes to logos. With one of the most advanced digital capabilities we are able to add textured inks to substrates up to 2” thick.

Our digital press operators are very versatile in order to fulfill our clients’ requests. The operators can change options in the initial set up of the press, such as dimension, color, or contrast, to complete every client request. Many printing projects can be going at the same time with specific schedules to meet the deadlines for various projects. A fully stocked inventory, printing material upkeep, and creating the specified print material are all under the responsibility of the press operators.

Our digital press operators are well versed in the use of the software needed to set up your project to make sure it meets your exact specifications.  They also have the talent and skill to trouble shoot most issues related to hardware.  This gives Thistle Inc. an advantage over other companies who have to send out their product to subcontracted vendors.  When you are working with Thistle you’re working directly with the staff that will be doing and overseeing the work at our facility. Because our digital press operators are experts with the equipment they use they know how get the job done right the first time.  This saves everyone time and money.