Research and Development Critical to Manufacturing


Research and Development Critical to Manufacturing

Designing and developing new products are crucial factors in a company’s survival. The needs of customers change quickly in the world where technology makes the most recent item obsolete in a short period. Because consumer needs change, companies are continually revising the design and range of their products. Competitors rely on research and development to introduce innovative production and to improve the products and processes already in place. Thistle, Inc. is proud of the way our company meets the changing and growing needs of our customers with innovative products and solutions.

Thistle, Inc. began manufacturing vinyl products for the trade show, convention, and retail industries in 1981. The current line of products includes job ticket holders, tool pouches, carpeting and furniture display sleeves, and fixture tag holders. We also carry jewelry and optical accessory pouches, report covers, business card and label holders, and adhesive pouches. Retail display sleeves and badge holders are still part of our inventory.

In an effort to beat the competition, researchers from basic scientists to engineers are engaged in the challenge. They are asked to work on ideas and technology not previously used. The company looks for proposals of technology applications not currently in use. The basis of assessment is the novelty and probable success of the results. Also taken into consideration are the time and resources required. Contemplation of the impact on the industry takes place.

We strive to reduce costs while providing the best products and services. Thistle, inc. is among a small group of businesses manufacturing vinyl products in-house. Most competitors partner with foreign manufacturing firms. All the goods production takes place in the U.S. with the use of the latest technology. Automated production facilities are located just outside St. Louis, MO.

Production is one of a company’s primary concerns. The company wants researchers and developers to implement production and process plans. A new procedure, technique, or method development or modification is an expectation. Written instructions guide the production team. Researchers and developers conduct an evaluation of the new developments. Before turning over the completed work to the manufacturing team, the team receives training to implement the development. This step is support for the newly launched program.

Not only is an eye kept on the competition, the desires, demands, and needs of customers undergo analysis. The analysis keeps the company on course with modern trends. As stated above, Thistle, Inc. wants the people of the company to be trained as changes take place. Development does not stop with the products. We are interested in the development of our people and facilities. The company cares about the environment. Thistle offers products that are biodegradable and phthalate-fee. All plastics are recyclable.