How To Order A Badge Holder or Sleeve

  1. Decide what insert size and format to use. Your insert size will tell us whether we have an existing die in house or need to customize a die for you.
    • Vertical Pocket
    • Horizontal Pocket
    • Round Corners
    • Square Corners
  2. Choose a material. We have clear, translucent and opaque materials. Biodegradable and phthalate-free materials are available upon request.
    • Adhesive
    • Bio or Phthalate-Free
    • Clear
    • Frosty Matte
    • Suedene
  3. Choose a material gauge (weight). Different materials may be used for front and back; combine any of the following:
    • .006 ga Adhesive
    • .008 ga 3H Firm
    • .010 ga 3H Firm
    • .012 ga 3H Firm
    • .008 ga Rigid
    • .010 ga Rigid
  4. Choose a closure style. This may depend on your application of our products.
    • Open
    • Closure with flap
    • Closure with snap
  5. Choose a hole pattern. Each of our badges and sleeves come with a standard hole pattern which can be modified to accommodate your needs.
    • Butterfly center hole
    • Center or corner slots
    • Round center or corner holes
    • Thumb-cut center
  6. Choose attachments if needed. We carry the following attachments and hardware in stock. Other forms of attachments, like plastic finish snap sets, are available upon request.
    • Clip
    • Elastic Cord
    • Elastic Cord with Pin/Clip
    • Eyelet
    • Key Tab
    • Magnet
    • Pin
    • Pin/Clip Combo
    • Snap sets in Nickel
  7. Select print options for artwork.
    • Digital Full Color Print
    • Spot Color Screening

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