What Is Spot Color Screen Printing?

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What Is Spot Color Screen Printing?

Screen printing is widely considered to be the most versatile method of printing. Using screen printing, Thistle Inc. is able to produce printed products on different types of materials. Those materials include plastic, various cardboards and plexiglass. The screen printing industry’s popular products include posters, signs and a range of textiles. Thistle Inc.’s advantage is that we are able to print on materials of any shape and the printed products can be any thickness up to 2 inches.

How Screen Printing Works

Essential Items
Screen printing requires three items:

• The screen (this what is used to carry the image)
• A squeegee
• Ink

The Pre-Press Process
The screen consists of a thin, porous mesh that is stretched over a frame. It is important to have the right amount of tension in the mesh for good color registration. During the pre-press process, an image will be printed onto the screen. This can be done manually or photo chemically. The next step calls for an emulsion to be spread across the mesh after which the excess emulsion will be burned away. This leaves a clean area in the mesh that has the shape of the desired design.

The Spot Color Screen Printing Process
The prepared screen will be placed in the press and then the process of printing can start. Ink is rolled over the screen and the squeegee is used to push it through. The ink will only go through the mesh in those areas where there is none of the emulsion thus producing a solid, clear “spot” of ink. This method allows for the direct transfer of the image to the material. Thistle Inc. is able to match any Pantone Matching System color; we also have an extensive inventory of stock colors.

It is widely known that the use of screen printing presses increases production. When used by a skilled screen printing press operator, it can be far better than other methods of printing.

What Screen Printing Press Operators Do
Screen press operators are skilled workers whose job is to produce quality printed products. They handle all elements of the press from the adjustment of the rollers to the specifications of the printed product. The operator’s responsibilities include the preparation and comparison of inks for print runs as well as ensuring that ink coverage is consistent throughout the run. Their job also requires them to be familiar with the press so that they can make any necessary adjustments to components such as the screens, rollers or squeegees.

Thistle Inc.’s operators also handle all of the pre-press process including the preparation of screens. There are a number of steps involved such as the cleaning of used screens and stretching screens to fit frames. They will also print the images on screens and check the screens for consistency as well as to ensure that the image is accurate. The operator will then set the press up with the right screens, inks and materials. Their duties include adjusting the screen tension and the speeds of the rollers. Doing it this way gives Thistle Inc.’s screen printing press operators complete control of their press and ensures a high-quality finished product.